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The Big Short – movie review

The Big Short – movie review

From director Adam McKay, famous for his goofy comedies; Anchorman, The Other Guys and Talladega Nights comes a comedy drama called the big short. It’s a beautiful, captivating and confusing take on the 2008 house finance crash. The cast includes Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling and young talented actors that hold their own against the established actors including John Magaro and Finn Wittrock.

This paramount film was made like a fast paced documentary, with a lot of realism. I start with a beautiful, America with no problems and happy faces. They look like they are in a trance of contentment. The movie has been made to be as captivating as it is boring. Let me explain, the smart looking and fast pace of the film as you add the business terms, you get lost but still captivated. You get bored but you don’t want to stand up and turn it off, even Jared Venett told us.
The characters are well thought of and come out, perfectly as the director intended. Michael burry (Christian bale) a somewhat absent but loving father, kind of like Sheldon from big bang theory if he was in the real world, an awkward genius, charming but arrogant with his genius. Another fantastic character Mark Baum (Steve Carrell) also a genius who plays life like a chess piece, shown to value truth more than loyalty, he is driven by logic, hates smugness and doesn’t even understand stupidity. I can go on and on talking about all these characters , like the charming Jarred Vennett, who was the narrator, you can’t help but love him and also hate him when you remember he just wants a big bonus at the end.

The human part of the story is short and perfect. They showed exactly what was relevant. The rest of the movie is played like a documentary in a business channel. Everything looks like an establishment shot to something else, example when Mark (Steve Carell) was talking to his wife on the phone on the streets. The zoom in and out style and the framing makes you feel you are on the outside, looking in. The business channel style doesn’t stop there; they made the scenes that looked like ads. Example Margot Robbie’s explains something about subprime mortgage and something called triple A. To tell you the truth, I didn’t understand. All i could say was, “that bathroom set is fantastic “
There are some details that would be a dishonor not to mention like the choice of music, I mean wow, the poetic nature of every song, from Ludacris’ money maker to nirvana’s lithium played a perfect role in setting the mood of the film. The visuals of a prosperous America, everyone looked rich. The defense was some were smug, some were naïve and some were smart. It was basically a normal prosperous community.
An eye opener of a movie, that made me think how much of a financial security I have. The amount of carelessness that was there in the movie, made it look like a disaster movie. Sat there after watching it I was thinking of my life, a mid twenties youth in a developing country with no savings then boom, a banking crisis. The movie is a warning, to everyone, a warning to a problem that i have no solution to .the only thing you can do is a Charlize Theron in Prometheus run towards safety , knowing there is a big chance of getting destroyed by a giant spaceship called economic depression.

Written by Mike Letutui

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