Supa Modo – Movie Review


Director: Likarion Wainaina

Cast: Stycie Waweru, Marrianne Nungo, Nyawira Ndambia, Johnson Gitau Chege, Humphrey Maina

Produced by One Fine Day Films and directed by Likarion Wainaina who makes his directorial debut, Supa Modo tells the story of a young girl named Jo (Stycie Waweru) who suffers from a terminal illness and aspires to be a superhero. She has posters of famous heroes on her wall and friends in the same hospital who are dealing with a similar illness. When it becomes apparent that Jo has only two months to live, Jo’s mother, Kathryn (Marrianne Nungo) decides she is better off at home with her and Jo’s older sister, Mwix (Nyawira Ndambia).

At a time where the film industry is being dominated by big superhero blockbuster flicks, Supa Modo attempts to shine as an indie film within the same genre but within the constraints of a limited budget. Oh Boy! Does this film succeed in delivering on this front.

Supa Modo Review

For starters, the entire cast shines throughout with outstanding performances. The standouts for me include Stycie Waweru and Marrianne Nungo. The two stars have the main leading roles in this and they do a good job at it. Further on, the directing by Likarion is simply award-winning.

Although the subject matter is serious with regards to Jo’s illness, he manages to paint a picture of hope and happiness in the heart of the community through Jo and further on this transcends to those of us in the audience. Even though Jo knew she did not have special abilities she pretended to have them because it brought happiness to the community. It is also heartwarming to see how the community responds to Mwix’ request to make Jo an actual Superhero.

During the end credits, I realized the script was written by four people yet there were no conflicting ideas or gaps in the structure of the story. This is a usually a common problem, whereby scripts are written by more than two people and the entire story falls apart. Credit to the writers for delivering a cohesive story. My only nitpick with the film is to do with the dream sequences Jo has; it wasn’t clear as to what they meant.

Overall, Supa Modo exceeded my expectation and the film is a win for the Kenyan film industry. Make sure to stick around for the post-credit scene, it is a good one.

Written By: Kanzayua




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