The Punisher – Official Trailer Breakdown

How excited are you for The Punisher after seeing the latest trailer? We certainly are! We got a glimpse of the ruthless anti-hero in Marvel’s Daredevil (2015) which sent fans into delirium demanding Netflix to give Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) his own show and Netflix immediately responded.  Although a release date for the show has not yet been confirmed, the first official trailer just dropped. Let’s discuss it!

The trailer starts with a flashback to a time when all is well with Frank. But that all takes a quick turn when a military man walks into the room and fires his gun on Frank’s wife. The trailer switches back to present day where it seems like we are about to see all hell break loose. Frank is determined to find those responsible for killing his family with no mercy shown to anybody standing in his way. Accompanied by the soundtrack ‘One’ by Metallica; the theme portrayed by the trailer is Blood, guns and a large body count. The FBI, CIA and homeland security are all connected to a major conspiracy in the city which Frank and his small team will look to investigate.

You can watch the trailer below:

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