Plan B – Movie Review

Director: LowlaDee (Dolapo Adeleke)

Cast: Sarah Hassan, Catherine Kamau Karanja, Daniel Etim Effiong, Lenana Kariba, Justin Mirichii, Zahraa Khassam, Chantelle Naisola, Mary Gacheri.

Written by: James Nganga

About a week before Valentine’s Day, I was browsing the internet when I came across a poster about an upcoming Kenyan film called “Plan B”. I was very excited, especially when I saw the cast in it (at least the ones I knew). Further on, the poster itself made me curious, why was it being released on Valentine’s Day? Was it going to be a good movie? Was it going to be a breath of fresh air for the Kenyan film industry? A few days later, I finally got the opportunity to watch it, allowing me to critic the highs and lows of the film. Read on to find out my thoughts on Plan B.


For starters, the cinematography is amazing! I was impressed by the clean and bright contrasts of the Nairobi skyline during the day and the deep purple hues as the sun sets. The Aerial shots were simply breathtaking; they really caught the intrinsic details of our beloved skyline. This has to be one of my main highlights of the film.

Another key component in this is the soundtrack. The tracks featuring various local artists heighten the feeling in each scene and create an ambiance of love which is the main theme of the movie. My favorite track was ‘Isikuti Love’ by Mayonde; it created a playful yet romantic feeling which blended well with the film. The use of Kenyan artists we all know and love to jam to was an amazing addition. I should say, I enjoyed the film even more because of this. Well done.


That said, there a few problems I had with this. The acting in terms of line delivery and character emotion does fall short at times. This being a romantic film, the characters are supposed to display a wide range of emotions clearly in order to draw the audience in. This is not the case here, at times, the characters appear dull and lifeless. Lisa (Sarah Hassan) did well, her performance was quite good. Joyce’s (Catherine Kamau) performance was not entirely satisfying, I know her to be a strong actress who can get dramatic when needed, but I didn’t see that in this, her acting could have been much better.

Dele Coker’s (Daniel Etim Effiong) performance was also quite wanting. Sometimes he just became so expressionless; I got bored out of his character eventually. Also, I didn’t really relate with his character well, until the ending scenes at least. The sound editing in the film is also a bit of a letdown given the excellent work done on video. I found myself with the remote constantly increasing and decreasing the volume due to the varying degrees of sound quality as the characters interact.

All in all, Plan B is definitely a plan. It’s a movie worth watching, especially for fans of the romance genre. It is a good example of how good Kenyan film can be if a little imagination, innovation, creativity, and local talent was used and how much potential we have in our film industry, so my people! let us support our own talent. The Best part is you can find the movie right away on Youtube. Enjoy your viewing!

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2 Replies to “Plan B – Movie Review”

  1. I love this movie so much ….
    Thumpsup for d producer.
    But can you help me wit d name of the theme song? Thanks.

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