Onward – Movie review

The first promotional material for ‘Onward’ came to us last year in the form of a teaser trailer that mostly worked to lay out the premise of the film, an adventure tale with fantastical creatures but set in modern suburbia. Sure the animation looked good and anything from Pixar is sure to catch the interest of many including myself but […]

The Gentlemen – Movie review

Guy Ritchie has always been a polarizing film-maker. While some praise his movies for their stylized nature, non-linear structure, brisk pace and chaotic characters…others may criticize them for those exact reasons. So with ‘The gentlemen’ being released to praises and claims of it marking Ritchie’s return to form, there’s a nudging question as to whether there was really any form […]

Emma. – Movie review

About fifteen minutes into ’Emma.’ I wasn’t sure as to what was happening, who these characters were or why I was subjecting myself to this pompous proper mess of a film that seemed more concerned with showing us intricately colorful production design than actually telling a story. However, being one to never quit on a film no matter how bad, […]

The Way Back – Movie review

The character of Jack seems to be the perfect one for Affleck to sink his teeth into since much like Affleck; Jack is separated from his wife, struggles with alcoholism and has his past glories following him around. The problem however is that O’Connor and Affleck seem to think that this alone is enough to carry a whole film.

Queen & Slim – Movie Review

A man and a woman sit across each other at a table in a cheap restaurant. Their presence is awkward and distant; it’s no surprise when we discover that they’re on a first date from ‘Tinder’. They slowly work through their meal in quiet conversation learning more about each and the space becomes less stilted and a little more comfortable […]

Once Upon A Time in Hollywood – Movie Review

In this era of huge franchises and blockbuster remakes bloated by CGI, political correctness and paper-thin characters that mostly exist to appeal to specific demographics, a film by a director with a great deal of creative control and a strong vision is more valuable than ever. Once upon a time in Hollywood is the 9th film in director Quentin Tarantino’s […]