Birds of Prey – movie review

Warner brothers have had to endure laughs towards their products over the last few years, trying to find a winning formula like marvel, creating divisive movies like Suicide Squad, Justice League and Batman v Superman. Eventually they had no choice but to rethink the whole formula thing. Their new strategy which is doing wonders for them now is giving the directors some space to be creative and have their own identity. This is shown in abundance in Birds of Prey.

The Way Back – Movie review

The character of Jack seems to be the perfect one for Affleck to sink his teeth into since much like Affleck; Jack is separated from his wife, struggles with alcoholism and has his past glories following him around. The problem however is that O’Connor and Affleck seem to think that this alone is enough to carry a whole film.

Queen & Slim – Movie Review

A man and a woman sit across each other at a table in a cheap restaurant. Their presence is awkward and distant; it’s no surprise when we discover that they’re on a first date from ‘Tinder’. They slowly work through their meal in quiet conversation learning more about each and the space becomes less stilted and a little more comfortable […]