Bohemian Rhapsody – Movie Review

Director: Bryan Singer

Cast: Rami Malek, Lucy Boynton, Ben Hardy, Joe Mazello, Aidan Gillen, Allen Leech

Written by MMuchoki

Bohemian Rhapsody captures the story of Freddie Mercury, who was the lead singer of Queen – one of the most iconic rock band’s in history. Directed by Bryan Singer, the film brings to life Mercury’s rise from airport baggage handler to superstar and his illustrious musical journey with the British rock band.

Rami Malek was tasked with the responsibility of portraying Mercury and boy did he not disappoint. His excellent performances showed why he grabbed the Oscar for ‘best actor in a leading role’ at the recently concluded awards show. And yes, I know….it took us a while to do a review for it, but as the old saying goes, “all good things come to those who wait”.

Malek’s performance was not the only positive vibe in this. The music alone is enough to get every Queen fan to sing along and watch the film on-repeat. Also, the film not only focuses on the social aspect of the band members but also does well to showcase how Queen gelled so perfectly together to compose their greatest hits; such as ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. It’s easy to see why the film had great success at the box office

Although there are a lot of positives that can be said about the film, it is hard to ignore the niggling issues that surrounded it as a whole. During the production of the film, there were publicized problems. Sacha Baron Cohen (The Dictator) was on course to play the role of Freddie Mercury but he was later replaced by Rami Malek. Reports suggest that he had creative differences with the surviving members of Queen. He even suggested that they wanted the film to be all about them. Can you believe it? Well, this can be transformed into a positive due to Malek’s incredible performance.

My other issue was on how the movie didn’t focus on the true nature of Mercury’s illness and the merry go round about his sexuality. In my opinion, I’m glad the director did not take this route. The movie would have been somber and it would have drawn us away from their music and the creation process. In terms of how the film dealt with the social aspect of Mercury’s life, a few improvements could have been made. But overall, this was a great film that we do recommend you check out when you can

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