Alien(1979) – Movie review

Alien is the best horror movie I have ever seen. Wait, hold your wrenches let me explain, from my favourite director, Ridley Scott, comes a science fiction horror movie, that keeps you captivated and at the edge of your seat. Mr Scott, known for movies like Blade Runner, Gladiator and American gangster brought to the big screen a well written, […]

Birds of Prey – movie review

Warner brothers have had to endure laughs towards their products over the last few years, trying to find a winning formula like marvel, creating divisive movies like Suicide Squad, Justice League and Batman v Superman. Eventually they had no choice but to rethink the whole formula thing. Their new strategy which is doing wonders for them now is giving the directors some space to be creative and have their own identity. This is shown in abundance in Birds of Prey.

The Big Short – movie review

This paramount film was made like a fast paced documentary, with a lot of realism. I start with a beautiful, America with no problems and happy faces. They look like they are in a trance of contentment. The movie has been made to be as captivating as it is boring. Let me explain…

Onward – Movie review

The first promotional material for ‘Onward’ came to us last year in the form of a teaser trailer that mostly worked to lay out the premise of the film, an adventure tale with fantastical creatures but set in modern suburbia. Sure the animation looked good and anything from Pixar is sure to catch the interest of many including myself but […]

The Gentlemen – Movie review

Guy Ritchie has always been a polarizing film-maker. While some praise his movies for their stylized nature, non-linear structure, brisk pace and chaotic characters…others may criticize them for those exact reasons. So with ‘The gentlemen’ being released to praises and claims of it marking Ritchie’s return to form, there’s a nudging question as to whether there was really any form […]