Aliens(1986) – Movie review

Aliens(1986) – Movie review

Just like the last one the start was amazing; the attention to detail was spectacular. Waking up fifty seven years later, having arrived to earth to find no one she knows. The family left on earth long gone and the people he called family during mission all dead. A hard reality that Director James Cameron beautifully brought to screen. Sigourney weaver reprises her role as Ellen Ripley a no nonsense, logical, woman empowerment personified, and this time she is not alone, in his journey she is accompanied by a group of soldiers who want nothing but to look cool while shooting aliens in the head. In the team comprising of bad ass women like Vasquez , played to perfection by Jeanette Goldstein a shoot first ask questions later type soldier.

This time with a definite director like the first one, a horror science fiction, James Cameron created an amazing continuation of the story, by changing it to an action adventure science fiction, in which as much as it’s an excellent sequel it resembles the future setting of terminator 2 than alien. From the costumes to the sets, the vehicles and the blue night. It’s a good thing James Cameron is an excellent director because he made it work.
The movie had an amazing social commentary on corporate greed and the extent they will go to get what they want. From sabotage to refusing clams from a victim who survives a gruesome attack and 65 years in space to warn you about the hell she encountered. It’s hard to watch as the most logical and smart person in the room treated like a child only to be asked to come back and help when they screwed the pooch.

Inexperience will kill us; there is no one i hated more than the commanding officer of the exhibition, lieutenant Gorman played by William Hope. I swear i wanted to punch him in the throat, shy and helpless trying to look big but totally capitulated when it counted. I started thinking that the company wanted some incompetent guy in charge so that they can kill everyone “by accident”. Open up a hutch in the ship while in space “oops”.
All in all as much as it looks different, it still the same as alien only with more guns more aliens and more idiots who don’t listen, I swear a twelve year old survive the aliens better than a group of soldiers. Speaking of the twelve year old, wow, she was acting circles around the grown-ups. Newt, played perfectly by Carrie Henn, is a young version of Ripley. Thinking on her feet to survive the alien attacks till the soldiers got there, I really do think Ripley and Newt would have taken the whole planet mad max style and Vasquez would have helped them but being more effective than a terminator.

By now you have noticed through my rant i have a lot to say about Aliens. It’s because i love this movie. I won’t stand and say ‘Aliens’ is better than alien. Alien in a film making point of view is a perfect movie that has been copied since then, from horror movies to science fiction movies, but aliens is fun, exciting, loud, engaging and you just want to slap some people because of their stupidity. I was waiting for one of them to take a picture with a xenomorph but then it turns out its not dead yet and it kills him, a bite to the neck with that smaller mouth in their mouth. I truly think the Prometheus school of running way from this has other classes, like try and carried a super- fast alien that can’t be killed easily, with acid for blood back to earth, the class is called Commission 101 tag line think about the commission.
I would recommend this movie to anyone, it’s fast paced and fun. Just like the other one get some friends and make it a movie night. i promise you you’ll have fun.

Written by Mike Letutui

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