Excusez Moi.

A young lady who dresses up to feel comfortable for herself isn’t thinking about the character she’s being cast in the mind of the man who happens to be buying her drinks. And she certainly isn’t aware that her character sleeping with this man is all he needs to accentuate the comedy drama in which he is a leading man that is going on in his head. For some it ends up being a crime saga just to keep up the illusion.


Okay, this is tough. This is the first entry in my new weekly series (I prefer columns, but apparently the twenty-first century doesn’t) and I suggest we figure this out together. What I had in mind was a weekly opinion piece on all things movie related, how it affects our culture, and how our culture affects it. But first, a […]

Mank – Review

It strikes me as strange that Citizen Kane is a full 12 minutes shorter than Mank but feels like it covers so much more. I’m of the opinion that by now, especially after a showing like this, David Fincher should be considered a master of pacing and rhythm. He’d rather play out one section of the drama to its end than compromise on too many. That’s what feels different between the two films.


Someone once said that the primary most basic utility of the movies is entertainment. What follows is the opinion of a man in complete agreement with that sentiment yet simultaneously diametric to the notion that film shouldn’t be treated as art. Many minds, plenty of which are greater than mine, have attempted to uncover the reason behind the Kenyan public’s contempt of its own film industry. There are tons of reasons but here’s my two cents…..

Aliens(1986) – Movie review

Just like the last one the start was amazing; the attention to detail was spectacular. Waking up fifty seven years later, having arrived to earth to find no one she knows. The family left on earth long gone and the people he called family during mission all dead. A hard reality that Director James Cameron beautifully brought to screen. Sigourney […]